How Can a Church Handle Politics?

The bible says “do not be afraid” 365 times. It mentions “trust in God” 191 times. Yet, when the subject is politics, most churches are afraid and do not rust God. How does a church handle politics? It can ignore politics which is the choice of most churches or it can get involved.

When church decides to trust in God and involved with politics, it must determine how involved it will get. We suggest joining the America Christian Caucus in your state. The ACC allows a church to get involved and yet determine how involved it will be. By joining the ACC and working with other churches, it can actually make a difference

The church can decide to get involved 100% and become an state executive member and help the state ACC organize the entire operation of the state including meetings, training, and managing the web site. The church can decide to become involved about 50% and help with meetings and keeping their congregation aware off the ACC activities. It can get involved about 25% and just as their congregation to pray for the candidates the ACC are supporting. Basically, the church and decide on exactly the activities in which they will participate.

The ACC supports candidates by having churches pray for the candidates, raining the candidates, and creating a grassroots program that will campaign for the candidates.

By getting Godly candidates elected, we can

Make America Godly again.

Encourage your congregation to

Vote Their Faith, Not a Party

Do Not Be Afraid. Trust in God.

Have Your Church Join the ACC.

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